Crime Reduction Enterprise (CRE) was set up by director Reg Burrell to offer help and assistance in delivering simple crime prevention messages where they are most needed, to the people most at risk and in this day of resource stretching, by using people already in positions of trust and to whom those at risk will listen to.

Reg Burrell

Reg Burrell, Sgt Caroline Broughton Lincs Police with Det Supt Simon Walls PSNI in Belfast

With 30 years as a Lincolnshire Police Officer behind him, the latter part as a Home Office trained Crime Prevention Officer, Reg has dealt with the criminals who commit doorstep crime, who carry out frauds but has also seen first hand the impact these crimes have on the victims and their families. He has seen to what lengths the criminals will go to extract monies from un-suspecting victims, how they groom and befriend those less savvy in this high tech world.

Using his policing experience and the unique knowledge gained since the creation of Operation REPEAT in 2012, Reg has gone on to deliver presentations to both public and private sector organisations, including Liberal (formally Op Liberal) the Police National intelligence unit and to Police Trainers in Belfast.

Working with former Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Steele (Isobel Gray story) and Marilyn Baldwin (Think Jessica), CRE has gathered personal knowledge to enhance our presentations with fact.

Reg Burrell with Marilyn Baldwin

We are offering a service to deliver relevant information and advice about Doorstep Crime and Fraud and how the ladder of criminality works, individually to your company or on behalf of your organisation to groups within the community.

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