We provide advice and training to small groups and organisations from both private and public sector to discuss the actions of criminal (rogue) traders, distraction burglars, Nottingham Knockers and Durham fish sellers. To what lengths they will go to obtain money from vulnerable people and how they sell on details to others following the same criminal pursuits.

Nottingham Knocker

Nottingham Knocker

Nottingham Knocker

Scam Mail

With Mass Marketing Fraud growing at an alarming rate our knowledge of how the criminals hook unsuspecting persons into parting with monies on a regular basis is backed up by the regular current contact we have with victims and their families. We offer advice relating to scam mail, telephone fraud and internet based scams, working from experience of what has been successful in the real world to help keep people safe.

Our specialist knowledge can give you and your organisation the education on what to look for, how to deal with such incidents and more importantly how to make sure the people you and your organisation work with don’t become victims in the first place.

After all EDUCATION is key to prevention

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